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Bernie Sanders went from becoming a hit meme to a $20,000 crochet doll in less than a week!

Bernie Sanders went from becoming a hit meme to a $20,000 crochet doll in less than a week.

After an inauguration day image of the Vermont senator went viral, showing him sitting on a folding chair, socially distanced from other guests, hunched against the cold wearing chunky knitted mittens, Tobey King in Texas turned the sensational meme that trended for days into a crochet doll.

King initially posted photos of the 9-inch doll on her Instagram account, and they garnered thousands of likes and comments. By Saturday, she posted the doll on eBay and auctioned it for $20,300.

Recreating Sanders’ exact look took her about seven hours of non-stop crocheting.

She will be donating the money to Meals on Wheels America, a charity Sanders himself has raised $1.8m for by using the meme to sell sweatshirts.

The Guardian

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